Stainsby Grange

Results for February 6th 2022

Discount equestrian unaffiliated Sunday

Starter stakes 

1st Francesca Lemmon and Dylan - lead rein 
1st Charlotte glaze Tom 
2nd Francesca hall and peanuts 
3rd Pippa eyre and Bonny 
4th Ellie tonner And penny pony 
5th Sophia tokarski and Misty 
6th India sweeting and Sandy 

Mini minor 

1st harriett Lemmon and Dylan 
2nd phoebe hill and jet 
3rd Evie shields and Bambi 
4th India sweeting and Sandy 
5th Francesca hall and peanuts
6th Sophia tokarski and Misty 


1st phoebe hill and Dori 
2nd amber sagar and Bob 
3rd Charlotte Scott and ivar 
4th Lucy Webb and finn
5th Ruby angel and summer
6th Evie shields and domino 

Pre novice 

1st Emma nary and lemon star 
2nd Amelia Webb and finn
3rd Harrison Jones and Dior 
4th zac hill and Dori 
5th Lucy Webb and Misty 
6th Layla colledge and Maddy 


1st Niamh Nolan and roo
2nd Leah McDonald and lady 
3rd Layla colledge and Maddy 
4th Sophie Dobson and daz
5th Sophie eyre snd duchee 
6th fenella adams and Ollie 


1st Nina Frankland and laddie 
2nd milli hird and Alfie 
3rd Sophie Dobson And daz
4th fenella adams and Ollie 
5th Hannah Dempsey and Jimmy
6th Megan smith and Prada 

Small open 

1st Nya Harriman and lacer 
2nd milly willis and lady 
3rd Lucy Elliott and seaview Mississippi
4th Tim hill and Lloyd 
5th mollie O’Connor and sparky 
6th Lis smith son and Luna 


1st Nya Harriman and lacer 
2nd Lucy Elliott and seaview Mississippi 



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