Stainsby Grange

Results for October 20th 2021

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st Evie lynch and Romano
2nd Harriet lemon and Dylan
3rd amber sagar and Indy
4th Sydney foxton and sandy 
5th Gracie crimons and Oakley 
6th eve Millard and finn 


1st Evie lynch and Romano 
2nd kate Anderson and Kevin 
3rd kate Anderson and coco 
4th olivia wrathall and Sara 
5th Layla colledge and magic 
6th Lucy Anderson and Louis 


1st lily watchman and billy 
2nd Antonia pink and diamond Joe 
3rd Lucy Anderson and Louis 
4th Kate Anderson and coco 


1st Becky hill and jet
2nd Bella futcher and owen
3rd Rachel Gregory and Marvin 
4th Anna O’Donnell and bez.  


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