Stainsby Grange

Results for December 30th 2020

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st Alex leggott and lightning
2nd lily ramsdale and Hayley 
3rd Niamh Nolan and roo
4th Sydney foxton and sandy 
5th ruby ramsdale and titch 
6th harriett Lemmon and Dylan 


1st Kate north and lady 
2nd Hugo Oakes and major Jack 
3rd phoebe Willis and tia 
4th Alex leggot and lightning 
5th Henry leggott and florri
6th Lauren box and titch 


1st Hugo Oakes and major Jack 
2nd amber Oakley and misty 
3rd Lauren box and Delilah 
4th Henry leggott and valor 
5th Kayleigh smith and Cosmo 
6th Hugo Oakes and ardlea star 


1st isobel lynch and ruby
2nd Morgan henderson and ruby 
3rd amber Oakley and misty 
4th Ella Kay and Lucy 


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