Stainsby Grange

Results for February 23rd 2022

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st Harriet Lemmon and Dylan 
2nd grace littlewood and joy 
3rd Sydney foxton and lux
4th bo Jones and Ruby 
5th Sydney foxton and flash 
6th Mia harker and Tina  


1st Harrison Jones and Dior 
2nd Emma nary and lemon star 
3rd Lily may Baxter And black Jack 
4th Jess Appleton and ralf 


1st Brooke Harland and fudge 
2nd Megan smith and Prada 
3rd Kaitlyn and Prince 


1st Brooke Harland and fudge 
2nd Brooke Harland and Leo
3rd Sadie Abel and Paris 








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