Stainsby Grange

Results for April 15th 2022

MPF Horse Talent and Discount equestrian unaffiliated Showjumping

Starter Stakes
Lead Rein

1st Francesca Lemmon and Dylan
2nd Emilie Fannon and Tom Thumb
3rd Darcey Forster Brannen and Pumpkin
4th Lottie McTiernan and Megan
5th Paisley Hall and Polly

Off Lead Rein

1st India Sweeting and Sandy
2nd Harriett Lemmon and Del
3rd Francesca Hall and Peanuts
4th Pippa Eyre and Bonny
5th Ellie Tonner and Penny Pony
6th Vienna Cunningham and Prince

Mini Minor

1st India Sweeting and Sandy
2nd Millie Devine and Dimond
3rd Harriett Lemmon and Del
4th Ruby Angel and Summer
5th Eva McBain and Pandy
6th Darcey Forster Brannen and Pumpkin


1st Millie Devine and Lydia
2nd Gracie Styles and Amia
3rd Harriett Lemmon and Dylan
4th Grace Little wood and Joy
5th Sophie Eyre and Bonny
6th Gracie Crimmons and Oakley

Pre Novice

1st Maisey Devine and Lydia
2ns Emma Nary and Lemon Star
3rd Gracie Stoyles and Fleur
4th Sophie Eyre and Duchee
5th Bella McTiernan and Oscar
6th Gracie Stoyle and Blue
6th Erin Bryson and Scotty


1st James Barker and Princess
2nd James Barker and Rambo
3rd Gracie Stoyles and Crystal
4th Magan Stephens and Toy
5th Phoebe Willis and Dexter
6th Sophie Dobson and Daz


1st JAmes barker and Rambo
2nd James Barker and Princess
3rd Helen Dobbin and skylark
4th Sophie Dobson and Daz
5th Kames Barker and Jojo
6th Amelia Webb and Blossom

Small Open

1st Bella Futcher and Owen
2nd Lucy Elliot and Seaview Mississippi
3rd = Helen Musgrove and Albert
3rd = Freya Woods and Summer
5th Mia Wiseman and Evie
6th Annabel Lupton and Sapphire


1st Natalie Homan and Craig
2nd Lucy Elliott and seaview Mississippi
3rd Freya Wood and Summer
4th Helen Musgrave and Albert


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