Stainsby Grange

Results for January 12th 2022

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st harriett Lemmon and Dylan 

2nd Lucy Webb and Misty 

3rd blossom ripley and peanuts 

4th Gracie crimmons and Oakley 

5th grace littlewood and joy

6th harriett Lemmon and billy boy 


1st harriett Lemmon and billy boy 

2nd Niamh Nolan and roo

3rd phoebe Willis and dexter

4th olivia holt and blush 

5th Amelia Davidson and thistledown fairyland

6th. Harrison Jones and Dior 


1st Lily watchman and Prince 

2nd Kate north and coco 

3rd Sophie Morrison and holly 

4th Isobel dunkley and freckles 


1st Bella futcher and Owen 

2nd Kate Anderson and stroller 








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