Stainsby Grange

Results for January 9th 2022

Sunday Discount Equestrian Unaffiliated Showjumping

Starter stakes

1st Mille Devine and diamond 
2nd Evie shields and Bambi 
3rd Charlotte glaze and Tom 
4th Sydney foxton and lux 
5th Ella raffle and bee 
6th Alex Potts and wispa 
1st Francesca Lemmon and Dylan 

Mini minor

1st millie Devine and diamond 
2nd harriett Lemmon and Dylan 
3rd Evie shields and Bambi
4th phoebe hill and Dori 
5th Evie shields  and domino 
6th kyra Ewbank and Ruby 


1st grace littlewood and joy 
2nd phoebe hill and Dori
3rd Amy Norman and Charlie fox 
4th Amelia Webb and finn 
5th amber sagar and Bob 
6th harriett Lemmon and billy boy 


1st Maisie Devine and Lydia 
2nd Megan fort and Katie 
3rd holly  Lear and Chloe 
4th Emma nary and Lemon star 
5th willow sagar and Louis 
6th soohie eyre and duchee


1st Megan fort And Katie 
2nd maiden Devine and Lydia 
3rd Megan fort and spirit 
4th mollie O’Connor and sparky 
5th Niamh Nolan and roo
6th Emma nary And lemon star 


1st Megan fort and fizz 
2nd maisey Devine and embleme
3rd millie O’Connor and sparky 
4th Megan smith and Prada 
5th fenella adams and Ollie 
6th Alice Mccullagh And Princess Fiona 


1st Megan fort and fizz 
2nd Lizzie Walker and Dora 


1st Nya Harriman and lacer 
2nd Eva Harriman and Rupert 






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