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Results for December 19th 2021

Discount Equestrian Christmas Showjumping

Snowball starter stakes Lead rein

1st lottie Jackson and mouse
2nd francesca Lemmon and Dylan
3rd Delilah bogey and domino
4th and 5th Ralph bogey and domino and Lily

Non lead rein

1st India sweeting and Sandy
2nd Evie shields and Bambi
3rd Chatlotte glaze and Tom
4th jenson foxton and lux
5th Laura picken and buddy
6th Emilie Fannon and Tom Thumb
Fancy dress Sydney foxton and flash

Mistletoe mini minor

1st Harriet Lemmon and Dylan
2nd phoebe hill and jet
3rd Evie shields and domino
4th Evie shields and bambi
5th Charlotte glaze and Tom
6th Imogen hill and Nina
Fancy dress jenson foxton and lux

Snow White mini

1st Lucy allen and Phoenix
2nd Amelia Webb and finn
3rd harriett Lemmon and billy boy
4th eve Millward and finn
5th Evie shields and domino
6th Niamh Nolan and roo
Fancy dress grace littlewood and joy

Novelty pairs

1st holly and Louise
2nd max and Bella
3rd Harrison and liv
4th Emma and Amy
5th zac and nick
6th Heidi and eve.
Fancy dress Megan and Alana.

Christmas pudding pre novice

1st holly Lear and Phoenix
2nd Gracie mae and little boy blue
3rd Heidi pierce and magic
4th Emma nary and lemon star
5th Alana mcgee and Ben
6th Amy Norman and Charlie fox

Ivy intermediate

1st Gracie mae stoyles
2nd max usher and jazz
3rd Amelia Parker and nelly
4th dawn dalby and Travis
5th iris Collinson and squires
6th Sophie Dobson and daz

Cinderella open.

1st Bella futcher and Owen
2nd millie benson and woody
3rd olivia clarkson and jesta
4th Brooke Harland and Minnie






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