Stainsby Grange

Results for October 13th 2021

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st grace littlewood. And joy 
2nd Emma nary and lemon star 
3rd Harriet Lemmon and Dylan 
4th Sam osbourne and talisker bow bell
5th Amelia Webb and finn 
6th Sophie wolvendale and sparkle 


1st Nya Harriman. And Paisley 
2nd Niamh Sherrington and rose 
3rd Emma nary and lemon star 
4th poppy oxley bates and diamond 
5th lily smith and bubbles 
6th Heidi pierce and Maddy 


1st Nya Harriman and Paisley 
2nd Izzy hall and fly 
3rd max usher and jazz
4th Hayley cussins and rona
5th Anna O’Donnell snd Bez 
6th arabella Hawthorne and flash. 


1st Lauren box and Delilah
2nd Bella futcher and Romano 
3rd Lauren box and Delilah 
4th olivia wrathall and ace
5th Evie Clements and everything mirage 
6th Nya Harriman and lacer 


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