Stainsby Grange

Results for September 27th 2020

Discount equestrian unaffiliated showjumping 

Starter stakes 

1st Jilsin Adams and Guiness
2nd Logan Vincent hall and buck 
3rd summer hoods and oriental 
4th Theo beddow and Rio 

Mini minor 

1st Charlie Ayre and patchwood popcorn 
2nd Sophie eyre and duchee
3rd zac hill and Dori 
4th jillison Adams and guiness 
5th Harriet lemon and Dylan 
6th poppy oxley bates and diamond 


1st Charlie Ayre and patchwork popcorn 
2nd tia Wilkinson and doodle 
3rd poppy oxley bates and diamond 
4th ruby ramsdale and titch 
5th Niamh Nolan and roo
6th Alex leggott and poppy 

Pre novice 

1st holly Leah and amazing molly 
2nd Niamh Sherrington and Rosie 
3rd Gill usher and dancer 
4th Heidi Pearce and magic 
5th fenella Adams and digger 
6th Lucy bowtell and fox 


1st Peter Blackburn and colours of gold
2nf holly Lear and amazing molly 
3rd holly Lear and Chloe 
4th Henry leggott and Pippa 
5th Bella futcher and Romano 
6th olivia clarkson and kilough queen 


1st Elisé Dunn and summer
2nd Peter Blackburn and colours of gold 
3rd amber Oakley and misty 
4th olivia clarkson and kilough queen 
5th Ella Forsyth and morris 
6th Henry leggott and valor

Small open. 

1st amber Oakley and misty 
2nd Lauren box and Maddy
3rd Christie batty and Doris 
4th Elisé Dunn and summer 
5th Nina frankland and bennekerry lad 
6th Henry leggott and valor 


1st Morgann Henderson and ruby
2nd Morgann Henderson and Dutch
3rd amy cass and Belle
4th summer tones and Cassie 
5th Christie batty and blossom 
6th Christie batty and Doris. 


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