Stainsby Grange

Results for October 25th 2020

Discount equestrian spooktacular  showjumping 

Spooky starter stakes 

🐴Lead rein section 
1st Evie Vincent hall and buck 
2nd Logan Vincent hall and buck
3rd ebony Vincent hall and woody 
4th jillison Adams and shadow 
5th Harriet Atkinson and Jack 
6th Ella Knox and billy 
🐴Non lead rein 
1st Millie Devine and diamond 
2nd hadi Jackson and Finn 
3rd Cora dowey and Monty 
4th harriett lemon and Dylan 
5th harriett Atkinson and Jack 
6th elka Knox and billy 

Broomstick mini minor

1st hadi Jackson And finn
2nd fenella Adams and shadow
3rd Cora dowey and Monty
4th Sydney foxton and sandy
5th Evie shields and Kelly 
6th Lucy Allan and billy 

Trick or treat mini

1st Millie Devine Lydia
2nd Gill usher and dancer
3rd  fenella Adams and shadow 
4th Ava Knox and hulk 
5th lily ramsdale and titch
6th ruby ramsdale and Hayley 

Pumpkin pre novice 

1st Gill usher and dancer
2nd Hannah Dempsey and Jimmy
3rd Rachel Macintosh and Zara 
4th fenella Adams and digger 
5th owen ellerby and Lou
6th Alison skingley and Dougal

Haunted novice 

1st Maisey divine and Lydia
2nd Bella futcher and Romano 
3rd Niamh Sherrington and Rosie 
4th olivia clarkson and jester
5th Amelia abscomb and peanut
6th Italia Jackson and Bella 

Witch and wizard intermediate 

1st olivia clarkson and jester
2nd Anna O’Donnell and bez
3rd Erin cook and Rocky
4th max usher and jazz
5th Anna Wright and ricochet 
6th Marissa hollins and Henry 

Black cat open 

1st. Anna O’Donnell and bez
2nd Erin cook and Rocky
3rd Lauren box and owen 
4th olivia Wrathall and diesel 
5th olivia Wrathall and ace 
6th Ella Forsyth and Morris

Wicked open 

1st Anna Blackburn and glovers lux
2nd olivia Wrathall and Diesel 
3rd olivia Wrathall and ace.  



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