Stainsby Grange

Results for November 4th 2020

Wednesday night unaffiliated showjumping


1st Mille Devine and Lydia 
2nd Amie Walker and Jack 
3rd Lucy lupton and kizzy
4th Alex leggott and lightning 
5th Ella scrimger and darcy 
6th poppy oxley bates and diamond 


1st Nya Harriman And paisley 
2nd brooke Harland and fudge
3rd Niamh Sherrington and Rosie 
4th phoebe willis and tia 
5th kate north and lady 
6th Henry leggott and Pippa 


1st Bella futcher and Romano 
2nd Kayleigh smith and Cosmo 
3rd lily rose smith and poppy
4th Italia Jackson and Bella 
5th phoebe Willis and tia
6th Megan smith and blue 


1st Eva Harriman and lacer
2nd olivia Wrathall and ace
3rd Amy cass and missy
4th Lauren box and owen
5th George olaney and sapphire 
6th olivia Wrathall and diesel. 




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